Health care costs are often the second largest cost segment (after direct salary) in your total compensation package. As costs continue to outpace inflation and plan design and administration becomes ever more complex, RIBGH's value to the RI employer community continues to rise.

RIBGH has over 90 corporate members, ranging from self-employed to over 10,000 employees, both fully and self-insured. In total, RIBGH represents more than 80,000 employees state wide.  We welcome you to become a member and experience all of the benefits RIBGH has to offer:

  1. EDUCATION/NETWORKING - Stay connected with your peers and learn about topical issues that matter to your organization by attending our popular quarterly meetings, including our annual Health Care Summit and Employer Roundtables.
  2. NEWS/INFORMATION/RESOURCES - Access timely, valuable content — including our blog/newsletter, articles, reports, white papers, and community resources — that keep you informed on state and national health care issues and help you get the best return on your health and wellness spend.
  3. ADVOCACY - Lend your voice and be heard among other employers, insurers, providers, brokers, legislators, and regulators [and policymakers] as we all work toward improving the state of health care in Rhode Island.
  4. PROGRAM/PLAN DESIGN - Improve the value and effectiveness of your company's health and wellness programs by leveraging your access to best practices and expert consultation.

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"As the owner of a 90-person high technology manufacturing company, rising health care expenses continue to affect our ability to expand and make investments in infrastructure. As a small group in a community rated plan, it's hard to feel that we have a seat at the table in controlling these costs. A few years back, in an effort to stem huge increases in health care costs in a tough economic environment, Walco offered our team members the option to switch to a high deductible plan. It was our hope that our team members would effectively become more active consumers and have greater control over their medical costs. Our hopes came true. However, now that they are managing their health care expenses, they do not get the benefit of the savings in the insurance rate. Through the business advisory groups RIBGH hosts with Blue Cross and United, small businesses like mine have direct access to voice our concerns and suggestions for improving the system."

– Ellis Waldman, Walco