Who We Are


As the voice of Rhode Island business on health care issues, the Rhode Island Business Group on Health (RIBGH) fights for an affordable, efficient, and high-quality health care delivery system.

RIBGH pursues this goal by focusing on:


RIBGH identifies and brings attention to the major costs driving employer health care expenses.


RIBGH advocates for laws, regulations, and policies promoting affordability and high-quality health care, including the reduction of mandated benefits, and health care taxes, fees, and assessments impacting employer costs.


RIBGH educates employers on the major factors impacting the cost of health care benefits and provides tools and resources to help them manage their costs and improve their population’s wellbeing and productivity.


We support the following initiatives that our members believe align with their goals of reducing overall health care costs while maintaining or improving quality:

  • Increase transparency to insure that consumers and employers can evaluate all providers based on quality, cost and utilization
  • Promote a state-wide coordinated health plan and process that aligns the health care needs of the state with the appropriate number and type of medical and mental health facilities
  • Advocate for payment reform and other initiatives like patient centered medical home (PCMH) that result in the highest quality services for the lowest possible cost
  • Increase consumer and employer engagement through effective health and wellness programs and value based benefit design
  • Support efficient and effective electronic exchange of health information to improve quality and reduce costs
  • Evaluate and advocate for limiting state-based health mandates which contribute to the high cost of health care in Rhode Island


RIBGH's dedicated Staff, working in partnership with its active Board and Committees, perform a wide variety of tasks to keep members informed on the issues and create opportunities for employers' voices to be heard. Specifically, we focus our efforts on the following objectives:


Our staff and volunteers invest time researching key issues including health care policy and legislation. We provide valid, well-researched and substantiated data for our constituency as well as education in support of RIBGH’s affirmed positions on health care policies. We also sponsor programs, tools and services that improve the health and productivity of our members' employees. In addition, the RIBGH enables information exchange among our member companies so that employers have the tools they need to help their employees to become better consumers of health care services. 


Our main constituency is employers who are the largest purchasers of health care. However, we recognize that in order to effect meaningful change in the health care system, it is critical that we work in close collaboration with other important parties who have a stake in the system, such as legislators, regulators, brokers, carriers and providers. We facilitate meaningful conversations among our member employers and related stakeholders to share best practices for promoting health and wellness, reducing health care costs, and moving toward a more optimized health care delivery system.


The RIBGH creates a proactive dialogue among the business community and state government (elected officials and administrative agency leadership) on health policy issues, regulation and legislation based upon the exercise of sound fiscal judgment and quality standards. We maintain contact with, and participate in, committees with key stakeholders, such as the State's Health Insurance Commissioner, the Rhode Island Department of Health, the Rhode Island General Assembly, carriers, providers and brokers. Grounded in our research and evidence-based positions, we serve as the voice of business on all matters of health care policy and legislation, ensuring that the interests of the largest purchasers of health and wellness services — employers — are represented. 


  • RIBGH holds quarterly all-member meetings that offer employers the chance to learn about the latest developments, interact with key stakeholders and share best practices with their peers.
  • Our annual Health Care Summit each September offers members the opportunity to learn from local and national experts on all aspects of the healthcare delivery system.
  • Our annual Advocacy Summit each March gathers influential leaders to discuss health care policy developments.
  • Our two Employer Roundtables in December and June focus on sharing wellness policies, tools and resources to stem rising healthcare costs and create a healthier, more productive work environment.
    Each event offers regular networking opportunities with fellow business executives and leaders of the provider, insurer and regulatory communities.


RIBGH was incorporated as a voluntary, non-profit organization created to determine the reasons for the increase in health care costs and to identify strategies employers can adopt to restrain the rate of increase in their health premiums. Originally formed in the 1980s, when health care costs began to exceed consumers’ financial ability to pay, the group was reconstituted in 2005. Since that time, RIBGH has navigated its way through legislative affairs and public policy efforts to lower costs for employers. In 2010, RIBGH affiliated with the Worksite Wellness Council of Rhode Island and the National Network of Wellness Councils, expanding our scope to include educating members and sharing best practices on building and sustaining healthy, productive workforces. RIBGH is a member of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), which has a membership of 56 state-based business coalitions across the United States.

Working closely with insurance companies, health care providers, brokers, regulatory agencies and other governmental officials, RIBGH has become the prominent voice for RI businesses in the health care realm. With over 90 corporate members representing approximately 20% of the state's insured population, with continuing efforts to evolve and expand, RIBGH continues to have a strong impact on keeping health care costs stable while providing all of its members with opportunities to educate employees on maintaining healthy lifestyles for years to come.