• Did you know that Rhode Island has over 70 mandated benefits – the most of any state?  (The national average per state is 44.)
  • Did you know that Rhode Island's inpatient hospital supply (staffed beds) is rising while demand is decreasing?
  • Did you know that anyone can take part in the advocacy process – all you need is an opinion?

An active, informed Advocacy/Legislative Affairs Committee represents the business viewpoint to the RI legislature and regulators on health care issues and policies. As the "voice of RI business" on health care, RIBGH is the only organization in Rhode Island dedicated to creating a proactive dialogue among the business community, insurers, providers and State Government on matters of health care policy. We encourage all of our members to become informed on the issues and have your voice be heard to effect change in our state's health care system.

What We Do

Simply put, we advocate for the interests of RIBGH's members. Our major activities include:

  • Contacting legislators on important health care issues.
  • Tracking and keeping members updated on health care legislation as it moves through the General Assembly.
  • Establishing positions on pieces of legislation.
  • Hosting the annual Advocacy/Legislative Affairs Summit.
  • Representing RIBGH on advisory groups such as the Rhode Island Health Insurance Commissioner’s Advisory Council.
  • Facilitating business advisory groups with the state's two largest health insurance carriers, Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI and UnitedHealthcare.

How You Can Get Involved

No one knows more about the effect of health care policies on business than our members. So who better to get involved? Be active. Join the committee. Keep up to date on the issues – through this site, by subscribing to our newsletterattending our events or joining the Advocacy/Legislative Affairs Committee. Testify at legislative hearings. Tell the Advocacy/Legislative Affairs Committee what you think so they can advocate for you. There is no shortage of methods to get your voice heard.


 To ensure, through all advocacy channels, that RIBGH’s interests are met.

  • To maintain our position as the voice of Rhode Island business on health care matters.
  • To limit the negative impact of proposed legislation on businesses.
  • To actively pursue legislation that would positively impact the business community.


Important Links
RIBGH's Advocacy Committee has representation/relationships with many important stakeholders that help shape health care policy in Rhode Island. These relationships are an important part of creating affordable, accessible, quality health care for businesses and individuals:

Share Your Feedback/Get Involved
Your questions/comments are important to our mission. There are no unimportant questions about RIBGH’s advocacy efforts. Share your thoughts and questions with us, or, if you want to, educate yourself/your employees on the legislative process.